Memories from her Teammate Kayla Strom

When I first met Bridgette I was wrestling with my brother. She thought it was funny but still helped us out. That was the first time I knew Bridgette was a good friend because everyone else was just laughing and watching. Thatís when we first became friends.

   A couple of years ago when we were smaller we used to play secret agents or spies. Bridgette always was thinking of really cool moves and always teaching me them. We would always be the good guys and pretend to save one of our teammates. It was a lot of fun playing with Bridgette.

 Two years ago some of the team girls would always bring Hot Cheetos and share them with everyone. I loved them and Bridgette knew it. At Christmas time she had me for her Secret Santa. On the day of the party she gave me my present. When I opened my present it was three bags of Hot Cheetos! They werenít small bags either.

  The last day that I saw Bridgette I played game called butts up with her while she was waiting for her ride. When her ride came we said good bye and I said I would see her on Monday. 

When I heard about Brigetteís skiing accident I couldnít believe it. I cried the whole rest of the day. It ruined most of the weekend. On Sunday we were going to see her but then about five minutes before I got there Haley Yolkenís mom called us and said that they were taking her off life support and only wanted family there. I started crying again because I really wanted to see her before she went away.

What I remember most about Bridgette was her huge smile, great attitude, and being a great friend. Iím never going going to forget any of those things. Bridgette will always have a place in my heart.
Kayla Strom (Snoopy)

Kayla and the Girls at Bridgette's Party