A Poem and Memories Written by her Teammate Melissa Crist


What Bridgette was made of

Dedication, Determination,

Attitude, success

Never quitting always moving

Didnít have time to rest

 Maturity, Integrity

Composure, and Pride

She had it all

She didnít need to try

 She lived her life to the fullest

She was simply the best

She was loved by all

No matter small nor tall

 Competition, Satisfaction,

Accomplishment, and Drive

Gymnastics wasnít just a sport to her

To her it was her life

 Until that dreadful accident

Now she has gone away

Never to be forgotten

Always thought of, every minute of every day 


Melissa Crist



Bridgette was one of the best kids you could ever meet. She was always smiling and you never saw her with a frown.  She was one of the few people that inspired me to do gymnastics.  I have known Bridgette for more than half my life.  About 7 years.  I first met her in 4-h and we grew very close. I then joined the gymnastics team and we grew even closer. We had so much in common we both went to gate, 4 h, gymnastics, and even though we didn't go to the same school, we were still very close.

As I look back at all the fun times, one really jumps out at me. This memory is from camp and we were all sitting in our cabin the first night. We were up so late and we just talked. Not about anything important we just talked about nothing. That same week we were all telling blonde jokes and hers were always funny, even if u had heard them a million times before.  This is the Bridgette I will always remember.  The girl who always had fun, no matter what she was doing. She took risks and enjoyed every minute of her life. I wrote a poem


I will never forget Bridgette. She has left footprints in my heart that will never go away, she was a true friend to me and we share so many memories. She touched so many people, and she definitely lived her life to the fullest.
I looked up to her like a sister. I felt that she was my sister we did so much together in 4 h. If I was there you knew she was close behind and if she was there you knew I was close behind she always finished the job.  She never quit in the middle.  She just kept going and going she was so strong physically and mentally.  She is the girl who tried anything, no matter how dangerous it may have been.  I don't think she regretted anything in her life.

She will forever be in my heart, every minute of everyday.

I also wanted to add that she was one of my truest friends. I wish I had had more time to just hang out with her and be together. I wish I had gotten to see her before she left us for good, but you don't always get everything you want in life. I have been inspired by her and have written many poems about her, one entitle "what Bridgette was made of" and another simply entitled "Bridgette." I miss her dearly and I will never ever forget that smile that would brighten your day even when they were at their darkest. I believe that she didn't regret anything, anything she did she did the best possible. I believe if she tried she could have become president.

In the summer, we went to 4-h camp together. Ever since we first went together we couldn't wait to become managers. This year, we were going to be old enough. She was looking forward to it so much. We had people ready to recommend us and now she will never get her chance to shine. She would have been a great leader. Her death still hasn't hit me. It feels like she took a vacation or is just sick. I don't believe she has truly left us. I think she still watched our practice and all our 4-h functions. I don't know when it will hit me, I just hope I have a true friend like her around when it does. I will never forget Bridgette, she will always be with me and never be more than an inch away. For she will be in my heart. If I had never met Bridgette my life would not be complete. My heart would be empty and so would my life. A piece of my heart is gone, but it is with Bridgette.

Good bye Bridgette, keep on swinging on those bars and please always watch over us, so we don't have to go through this pain again.



That smile,
That face,
With style,
And grace,

Her hair,
Her eyes,
With care,
And family ties,

Always right,
Never wrong,
She bright,
Her stories always long,

The way she danced,
The way she ran,
She took her chance,
And it was bad,
But she made me realize,
She was the best friend I ever had