Stanford University Women's Gymnastics honors Bridgette

Below are two emails sent by Stanford's Head Coach Kristen Smyth to Bridgette's coach, Bill Strom.  Bridgette attended the Stanford Gymnastics Camp every year and touched many coaches and gymnasts while she was there.  She loved the camp.

Dear Bill,
I am deeply saddened over the tragic loss of Bridgette Clement. I know how much she enjoyed our camp and how much we all loved having her there. I wanted to offer to Gymtowne a scholarship in her honor to attend our camp every year. If there is anything else we can do please let me know.
Kristen Smyth
Head Coach, Women's Gymnastics
Stanford University


Hi Bill,
There is one more thing we would like to do if it is okay with the family. We were hoping to do a remembrance page in our 2004 media guide with information regarding a memorial fund. Please let me know if this is something they would approve of and when you have time please send the appropriate information.

Thinking of you,



Bridgette's  Memorial Page from the 2004 Stanford Women's Gymnastics Media Guide