Bridgette Clement

Itís scary how we take for granted all of our memories

Itís scary how we take for granted all the ones we love

Itís scary how we take for granted.

I told her she was my friend and that I loved her so,

I told her when I got angry or my emotions began to flow.

Now I have no one left to confide in,

No one to tell the secrets of my heart.

I know I may sound selfish,

But why did God take her from me?

Why did He cause her heart to stop and smile to freeze?

I truly hope He keeps her safe, always by His side,

Until the day that again in her I can confide.

In my heart I hear her giggle and can see her happy stride,

In my heart I know that she was not supposed to leave.

If I had only one wish

With which anything I could do

I would wish her back to me and never let her go.

I will hold her in my heart along with my grief for all eternity.

If tomorrow by a miracle she returned then from the highest mountains

Her name would be heard.

Because it is for her

The angels weep,

The winds howl

And the sun shines.

Forever in my heart, soul, and mind

Bridgette will be

Rosary Speech by Tannith Patterson

She was one of the most amazing people I have ever met

Bridgette was awe-inspiring,

Everything that she did she put all of heart into it,

Bridgette was so compassionate, and thoughtful and one of the last people I would ever have wanted to let go of.

Every moment was exhilarating,

Every second breath taking

Every minute beautiful

Every hour magnificent

Every day wonderful

And every year of Bridgette s life was endearing, to me and everyone around her.

If I could change anything, it would be that I could have spent more time with her,.

So that I could have shared her love of life and love of fun just for just a few more months

I think that Bridgette s love of fun is what will help me remember her best later on in life,

One of the most vivid memories in my mind is when Bridgette and I went trick or treating this past October,

And it was freezing cold, B was Tinker bell and I was an angel.

It was sooo cold but she was determined to wear her tinker bell outfit, we came home blue but had the best Halloween ever!

I also remember when she came over and we would just sit there and listen to her favorite song; the milkshake song

and we would talk about How she was gonna go to the military and be a physical therapist like her mom, and then go on to be an oral hygienist, but not a dentist because for that there would be too many years of school,

This reminds me of her hilarious sense of humor.

The one thing that I will never forget is her smile, B was always smiling, she could warm up the coldest days and ease almost any pain.

I also remember how B would talk of getting her pet chicken later this year.

For her sake, we cannot let the memories go and must always remember her as the beautiful human being she was.

This is why I feel it will be hardest to let go,

I did not only lose a good friend, but an amazing teammate I will always keep the memories we made in my heart and keep her spirit alive in what I do.

To Bridgette s family, I would like to say that I know what you re going through, but that would be a lie. I must be experiencing only a small glimpse of your pain.

We are all mourning her death now but this is the time when we must join together and remember all the good times past.


To you I dedicate my heart, you were always there for me and I will be for you


I will love you forever,

Gumbi (Tannith_21)