Rosary Speech from her Teammate Jayme Murakami

I've known Bridgette for 3 years, but I've became friends with her this past year.  Ever since I saw her compete level 4 I knew she had a talent in gymnastics, but also in friendship.  She always had a big smile on her face and made you happy.  Bridgette was very talkative and never gave up on things. This year has been a very fun year. The things I remember about her was Bridgette and I would always told each other Fun jokes like "my mom always calls me special, but for some reason she also calls me Edd," that meaning "Special Ed."  Bridgette would always make me laugh and smile. That is why I had gave her the nickname Smileyz. Our team loved to do cheerleading stunts and Bridgette would always want to be the base. Whenever I was there I would be the base with her and toss the little girls in the air.  Also for fun we liked to pick on Kayla.  We would take something of hers and pass it back and forth between each other. That was some fun times! I love Bridgette and always will she will always have a place in my heart.

- Jayme Murakami


Left to right: Tannith Patterson, Bridgette Clement, Samantha Wong, Jayme Murakami, and Vanessa Camozzi.


Memories that will stay

The smile was the best it brighten your day
Her jokes and facts she would tell everyone
Going to the movies, dancing to the music
Playing Neopets almost every weekday
Are memories that will stay
Talking to her online about random things
Playing around while at the gym
Singing songs she learned from 4H
All the happiness she would bring
are memories that will stay
The day Haley called me, telling me what happened
Hearing her cry, thinking Bridgette will be ok
Finding out on Monday that she had not made it
The sadness of her life that was taken away
are memories that will stay
Goin' to St. Dunstan  for her rosary and funeral
Driving to the cemetery, thinking it's not true
The pictures of her, that we put in the scrapbook
Watching the video of Bridgette, feeling like she was there
are memories that will stay
Her great laugh and enthusiasm
That "you can do it" attitude
The way she showed off as she danced
The sound of her voice talking to you
are memories that will stay
.:**:. JaYmE.:**:.