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Kid's Night Out August 13, 2016 - Moss Beach!

5-11 Year Olds, have a fun-filled evening of activities such as Trampoline, Zip Line, Air Trak Mountain, Fun Games, and Dancing in the Dark with Glow Sticks and Disco Lights from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Gymtowne, Moss Beach

Kid's Night Out August 13, 2016 - South San Francisco!

5-11 Year Olds, have a fun filled evening of activities such as Trampoline, Zip Line, Foam Pit, Fun Games, Dancing in the Dark with Glow Sticks and more from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM at Gymtowne, South San Francisco!

Gym Mini (Preschool-Aged) Programs - Moss Beach

The Gym Mini Program is a wonderful educational experience for all children ages 1 to 5 whether or not gymnastics is in their future as a sport!  These programs develop not only skills in movement but help develop the ability to learn.

Gym Mini Gym Area - South San Francisco

The Gym Mini Program has been developed to promote basic motor skills as they apply to all physical activity.  In this program, we do not strive to train for the Olympics, but instead we emphasize physical and social development using our specialized motor development equipment as well as our adapted gymnastics equipment with our positive, high-energy staff!

Main Gym Area - South San Francisco

Gymtowne Gymnastics offers the complete Junior Olympic Program of USA Gymnastics (USAG). We offer classes for Levels One, Two, Three, and Four.  Competitive teams are available for USA Gymnastics Levels Three and up as well as Xcel.

Summer Camp at South San Francisco!

Gymtowne Gymnastics offers Summer Camps nearly every week of summer that you can customize to your schedule!

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Gym Mini Program

  • Preschoolers aged 1-5

  • Low student/instructor ratio

  • Develops physical, social and early learning skills

  • Positive, fun and supportive environment

  • Lots of exciting equipment, activities and challenges

School-Aged Gymnastics

Instructional gymnastics classes are offered for girls and boys 6 years old and up in four levels (Levels 1-4) which each have 3 sub levels (each with a color).  This program also prepares the student for the Xcel program as well as the USA Gymnastics Level 3-10 program.

Competitive Gymnastics

Gymtowne Gymnastics offers girls competitive gymnastics in USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Levels 3-10 as well as USA Gymnastics Xcel Bronze through Diamond.

What's New

Current News

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NEW Virtual Classes!!  Gymtowne Gymnastics SSF is offering Virtual Gymnastics, Gym Mini, & Ninja Classes!  Don't be left out, sign up today!

Bridgette Clement Memorial Site

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Bridgette Clement was one of Gymtowne's Level 7 gymnasts who tragically died in a skiing accident in 2003


New Upgrades and New Procedures to Keep Everyone Healthy and Safe at Gymtowne Gymnastics SSF!

New Entry Procedures

Upon arrival at the all new Gymtowne Gymnastics SSF, you will now enter at what used to be the rear of the gym.  We have introduced Floor Monitors to guide students and parent through the entry staging process.  School Aged Gymnasts and Gym Minis (preschool aged) will enter through the glass double doors.  Ninja and Team Members will enter through the single glass door to the right of the canopies with the same procedures. Two outdoor touch-less sinks with warm running water for washing their hands are  equipped with touch-less soap and touch-less towel dispensers.  We have social distancing marks and three canopies and stanchions as needed depending on the number of students entering.

Upon entering the door you will be asked to face the wall thermometer to have your temperature read.  Students with readings over 100.4 several times, will not be allowed to enter the gym.  Please to not come to gym if you are sick in any way.  You can always makeup your classes.  Parents need to wait until the student is cleared to enter!  Students who pass the thermometer test will be recorded as present and sent to their physically distanced warm-up spot.

The Gym Minis will go to their warmup area close to the entry doors and the School Aged students will go to what used to be the observation area and is now padded with a grid of 16 six foot squares.

Physical Distancing

Floor Monitors will also make sure that everyone follows all safety procedures like physical distancing and wearing of masks as required.  All students will have their own station at each rotation at least six feet from any other student.  Students are required to stay with their class at all times with the exception of going to the restroom.

Reduction of Class Sizes

The maximum size of each class has been reduced by 2 students.  School Aged classes were 8:1 and are now 6:1.  Gym Mini classes were 6:1 and are now 4:1.  Ninja classes were 7:1 and are now 5:1.  The number of classes in the gym at any one time has been reduced as needed to keep the total number of people including staff under 50.

Observation Area

We are now only allowing a parent to stay in the gym for Rug Bugs, Mini Gym Bugs and Mini Gym Minis.  All other family members and friends must watch from outside or on Spot TV.  We currently have 14 cameras up in the gym that you can access using the Spot TV Family App or your Computer.  This is done over a secure connection and each person will have access to only the cameras  for their child's class, during their child's class.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Mats and equipment are being cleaned and sanitized after each class rotates from that event/setup by the instructors and floor monitors.  Cleaning stations are located near every event/setup.  All equipment and surfaces are sprayed with an Comercial Grade Electrostatic Sprayer.

Touch-less hand sanitizer stations are located near every event/setup.  Students sanitize their hands throughout class.  We also now have two hand washing stations in the warm-up area near the restrooms with a touch-less soap dispenser and touch-less paper towel dispenser.

The gym was thoroughly deep cleaned while we were closed.  The carpets were all steam cleaned and our hard surfaces were all cleaned and waxed.

Outdoor Classes

We now offer Outdoor Classes as well as Indoor/Outdoor Hybrid Classes to conform to all Heath and Safety Codes

Personal Equipment

  • Each student will now need to bring their own drinking water labeled with their name.

  • A personal facemask is required for children 3 years and up to be used for entering the gym and leaving the group to use the restroom (due to passing people outside their controlled area).  We will supply cool new face masks!

  • We recommend bringing a bag of some kind to keep your student's personal items with them.

  • Personal hand sanitizer is recommended

  • Students who use chalk will need will need a personal container and personal water bottle if they use water.  The gym will continue to supply students with chalk.


  • Role is taken for all students upon entering the gym so we know who was in the gym during any given period of time.

  • Staff are logged in and out as they come and go.

  • Adults needing to enter the gym for any reason are logged in and out.

Front Desk

  • We ask that you handle as much business as you can with Gymtowne Gymnastics SSF online or over the phone to reduce your contact with our office staff.

  • We have two business desks.  One is in the new main entry and the other is in the old main entry.

  • We have an acrylic shield at each desk to safely separate the client from the office person.

  • We installed a new tap/chip/swipe credit card machine, a new phone, and new computer.

  • We now have 10 walkie talkies for the office staff, floor monitors and instructors to communicate needs as they happen.

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